La Crosse community gets a look at the past with the Historic Society’s Folk Life

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- The Historic Society of La Crosse hosted a Folk Life event to give the people of La Crosse a look at the past.

Local artists that practice old-time crafts and skills were at the Historic Hixon House to showcase their work.

Community members can watch them work and experience their trades hands-on.

Letterpress printing, Wood Carving, and Chair Caning are just a few of the events that were showcased.

“This folk Life La Crosse focuses on the history or the living history for people who continue to maintain these crafts and keep them alive. So it is a connection on a personal level to people’s past,” said La Crosse County Historical Society Director, Peggy Derrick.

Derrick also says that old-time crafts are a part of the past and people who continue to do them are living history because there are few people continuing these traditions.