La Crosse community recognizes Workers Memorial Day

Area union members paid  tribute to workers killed or injured on the job in Wisconsin.

They met Tuesday night at Green Island Park in La Crosse for 31st annual Workers Memorial Day. The event was organized by Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

The day falls on the same day when the Workers Compensations Act was passed and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created, April 28.

The goal is to create safer work environments for employees.

Two additional workers were added to the solemn cross procession this year. Kevin Parlow was a civilian employee with the Army, who died from head injuries after the vehicle he was repairing dropped, pinning him between cab and front bumper in 2013. Brooke Baures was also added to the solemn cross procession. She died after becoming trapped in the machinery of a food-service elevator at a Fountain City restaurant in 2014.