La Crosse County canvasses votes, may revisit Sheriff race for a recount

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — It’s been nearly a week since Election Day.

And election workers have been working hard to canvass the election results.

This isn’t a recount, but it will make the results official and ensure that the midterm elections were fair.

“What we’re doing right now is checking to make sure that everything matches up, if there are more people in the poll book than ballots cast then we wanna know why,” said La Crosse County Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer. “More ballots cast than in the poll book then we’re gonna reconcile that and find out why as well. So, anybody that wants to say that the election wasn’t fair or rigged, they should be sitting here today watching the canvass results to know that everything was fair.”

Dankmeyer says the La Crosse County sheriff campaign is the only race eligible to request a recount.

John Siegel has a slim lead.

A recount is likely as his opponent Fritz Leinfelder has not conceded.