La Crosse County COVID-19 cases by the numbers

More than 50-percent of those diagnosed in La Crosse County have one thing in common

In La Crosse County there are two new cases since yesterday, bringing the total to 19, nine of which have recovered.

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According to the La Crosse County health department the two latest cases are both men.
One is in his mid 50’s and is recovering at home, while the second is in his early 40’s. He has severe symptoms and is the second person from the county to be hospitalized.

And when looking at the first 18 cases that were diagnosed in La Crosse County they also found the following;
*Nearly 78-percent of the cases were individuals under the age of 60.
*Almost 44-percent had pre-existing conditions and more than 60-percent were women.
*More than 55-percent were from La Crosse and almost 28-percent were from Onalaska.


And there is one other statistic that also stood out. Almost 53-percent of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in La Crosse County went to a chain store in the 48 hours prior to developing symptoms.
It’s something health department officials say you shouldn’t ignore.


“We need people to go to the grocery store, one member of a family is what we would advise. So not taking all of your kids with you, not making it a family outing. It really should be one person if possible. Who goes to the store and get what you need for one to two weeks.That will give you an opportunity to just go once and then stay home and kind of keep the level of activity down in those stores while also not hoarding materials and causing potential problems in that way”, according to Jacquie Cutts, the La Crosse County Nursing Supervisor.

And finally, the most common symptoms that those diagnosed with COVID-19 experienced; a cough with 94-percent reporting it, followed by a fever and muscle aches.