La Crosse County Dairy Breakfast provides fresh farm products

Visitors able to learn about dairy farms as well

A breakfast of fresh farm products is hard to beat, and one farm in La Crosse County offered a fresh early morning feast to visitors Saturday.

Lane Creek Dairy hosted this year’s La Crosse County Dairy Breakfast, providing thousands with plates full of pancakes, cheese curds, and many other breakfast favorites.

Senator Ron Johnson made his way to the breakfast as well, saying it’s important to show support for these smaller, family owned farms.

“We face enormous challenges in this country, and frequently I’ll say ‘How do we solve these? Well it’s renewed faith, strength in families, strong communities, and work.’ And the farm economy, the traditional family farm, exemplifies all those values,” said Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

With June being National Dairy Month the owners of Lane Creek Dairy thought this would be a good learning experience for people that may not get the chance to be on a dairy farm often. Visitors got to visit a petting zoo, educational stands, and even see the cows themselves.