La Crosse County Highway Department warns drives about snowy roads after head-on collision

WEST SALEM (WKBT) — No one is injured after a driver was involved in a head-on collision with a La Crosse County snow plow. Now, highway commissioners are signaling this as a learning opportunity.

In the winter, heading out on the road 10 to 15 minutes early could be the key to avoiding a crash.

On Wednesday morning, a car collided head-on with a La Crosse County snow plow.

No one was injured, but Highway Commissioner Joe Langeberg says this is a reminder to all drivers.

“Most accidents this time of year are because people aren’t used to driving in the weather. They typically try to go to work at the same speed,” Langeberg said.

Langeberg says crews start plowing early in the morning.

“Probably by four or five in the morning, all 27 drivers are out either plowing or treating their section,” Langeberg said.

Langeberg says the highway department will do its best to clear state highways with a salt and water mixture.

“Brine will keep the salt where it needs to be so it’s sticking to the road. If we use rock salt, half of it bounces into the ditch,” Langeberg said.

His department is already spraying brine on state highways and bridges to prevent them from freezing.

“If it freezes, anytime during the night, and we get dew, it will create ice on the road. Doesn’t need to be snow or rain. It will create black ice – that’s what we’re trying to prevent,” Langeberg said.

Langeberg says if you see a snow plow – make room.

“These trucks do not stop nor turn on a dime,” Langeberg said.

He encourages people to drive with caution.

“Remember where we’re living and this weather is normal. So just give us some time, slow down,” Langeberg said.