La Crosse County Landfill improvements under construction

Hazardous Materials site closed Thursday

Improvements are coming to the entrance of the La Crosse County Landfill.

Crews are extending Berlin Drive to create a frontage road, along with redesigning the landfill entrance to improve safety and traffic flow. Currently, visitors to the landfill would enter the site directly from Highway 16, often driving too fast into the area.

Landfill managers caution visitors to watch for construction.

“If you’re coming to the landfill, coming to the Household Hazardous Materials program, just slow down when you’re coming off Highway 16, because there is construction and things change on a daily basis. So come in slowly so you don’t get surprised,” said La Crosse County Special Waste Manager Randy Nedrelo.

Crews will also build a second scale to weigh incoming waste.

The Household Hazardous Materials site will be closed Thursday afternoon as water will be cut off from the site for construction of the new frontage road. The rest of the landfill will remain open.