La Crosse County Landfill rates to be changed

New flat-rate system to make the process more efficient

Changes are coming to the La Crosse County Landfill.

The landfill will soon be charging residents a flat rate for dumping their solid waste.

Right now customers must have their vehicles weighed first and once they drop off their waste their vehicles are re-weighed to determine a cost.

Officials hope the change will make the process of dumping your trash more efficient.

“We think this system will be more convenient for the citizens. We think it will be safer for both the hauler and the citizens, and should minimize delays at the site,” said the La Crosse County Solid Waste System Director Henry Cook.

Starting next Monday, anyone dumping waste with a car will charged 5 dollars, anyone with a truck 15 dollars, and people with a truck and a trailer will be charged 25 dollars.