La Crosse County official sorry for posting Limbaugh deserves to be in hell

LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — A La Crosse County official formally apologized Thursday for posting that Rush Limbaugh deserves to be in hell.

County Administrator Steve O’Malley posted comments on Facebook in February saying if he believed in hell it would be the most deserving place for Limbaugh.

O’Malley added that Limbaugh never loved anything but hatred, racism, and disrespect.

He said although he made the comments on his own time, he shouldn’t have done it at all.

“As county administrator, I was naive to think I could make a negative comment about a national personality that is respected by many, without expecting to cause hurt feelings that insulted some people’s point of view. My comment was insensitive and intolerant and I feel terrible for any offense to any community member or county employee,” O’Malley said.

He also said his actions created a distraction from the hard work county employees do, and will never make public comments like that again.

Earlier this month the County Ethics Board concluded that O’Malley’s post was not a social media policy violation.