La Crosse County officials say overdoses on the rise

Local leaders investigating more overdose deaths than normal.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – “I’ve never seen an influx like this in three days where we have possible several overdoses,” said La Crosse County Medical Examiner Tim Candahl.
Local health leaders say they are investigating multiple deaths that may be connected to drug use.

There are three deaths are under investigation in the past two days.

The deaths are likely the result of drug overdoses according to County Medical Examiner Tim Candahal.

Both Gundersen and Mayo Clinic Health Systems are seeing an increase in overdoses as well.

“With the hospital and the ER, what they’re doing there and having some saves, this is good.  That does indicate that there are some people that are making it to the ER,” said Candahl.

Candahl says family and friends of those struggling with addiction can play a role in saving lives.

“It’s kind of like hot weather. I mean, you look out for elderly people in hot weather. This is pretty much what you have an intention on doing if you have somebody that is addicted to drugs and stuff and substance abuse that you pay a little special attention to,” said Candahl.

Candahal says there are 20 overdose deaths in La Crosse County so far this year.

There was a record 39 overdose deaths in the county in 2020.