La Crosse County raising awareness for safe prescription practices

Part of state's ‘Dose of Reality Week'

You can play a role in helping stop prescription and opioid drug abuse in the La Crosse community.

As part of ‘Dose of Reality Week’ in Wisconsin, health officials are raising awareness about three main ways to help in the fight:

Keep pain killers stored out of sight
Store them and other medications in a lock box, safe, or locked cabinet
Safely dispose of any leftover, unwanted, or expired medications

Coulee Council on Addictions says medication drop boxes in the La Crosse area are a great way to get rid of those extra prescriptions.

“So they’re not accessible to somebody who may be possibly have an addiction problem, but also even with teenagers in the sense of experimentation,” said Coulee Council on Addictions Prevention Specialist Rita Von Haden.

The medication drop boxes are not to be used for illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia.