La Crosse County Salvation Army goes through active shooter training

Friday, the Salvation Army in La Crosse County wanted to make sure if an active shooter situation were to happen there, they’d be ready.

The guns today at the Salvation Army were plastic. But one day they could be real.

“It’s a scary situation.”

Once Director of Operations Abbey Kronebuch went through an active shooter training herself, she knew the La Crosse County branch needed to experience it.

“This is the best dollar we could have spent all year because my employees are trained.”

Dave Young from Vistelar Group was brought in for the training. He started out training military and police groups how to handle active shooting situations.

“Now we’re in education, health care, and even salvation army.”

Because active shooting situations can happen anywhere.

“Active shooting situations are happening all over the country. In nightclubs, malls, churches, and schools.” said Kronebuch.

The training involved drills to show how to run from a gunman.

“If you run in a straight line, even a blind person with a weapon can actually hit you. So you make that person have to chase you,” explained Young.

“We were taking our coworker and acting if they had a gunshot,” recalled Kronebuch.

With the training, Young wants to empower everyday people to be able to know what to do if they hear gunshots.

“Empowerment starts with education. People who panic aren’t educated. Give them a good mindset, what this really looks like, and show them that they really can do it.”

“You’re going to remember that more than something you’re just reading in a book, or that I’m sitting here and telling you in a power point presentation,” said Kronebuch.

She hopes this situation never happens, but feels prepared.

“If we had an active shooter situation, we’d be ready.”

The training doesn’t stop here for the Salvation Army.

They will go over what they learned here every month to review escape routes, a person they should contact in life or death situations and more.

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