La Crosse County, Village of Holmen reach agreement on repaving Holmen Drive

Repaving rough spots on Holmen Drive is another step closer to happening.

The La Crosse County Board’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee agreed to pay 40-percent of the cost to repave the road from Halfway Creek and McHugh Drive.

That stretch was rebuilt last year, but the County Administrator says laying the pavement was delayed because of the temperature and a problem with the landscape contractor. Those delays are causing many of the issues the road is seeing now.

“There’s about 40-percent of the second layer actually failed and is sliding on top of the first layer, and it will continue to get worse,” said La Crosse County Administrator Steve O’Malley.

Village of Holmen leaders plan to contract the work out with an expected cost of about $440,000. La Crosse County will pay about $133,000 of that total.