La Crosse County voters weigh in on road funding options

Voters in La Crosse County were asked about four different options for funding road maintenance and repair.

The most popular proposal among voters was the first transportation referendum on the ballot, asking if La Crosse County should invest $5 million annually to address road and bridge repairs. 78% of voters approved of the possible measure, while 22% disapproved.

La Crosse County voters also approved of the option to enact a Premiere Resort Area Tax (PRAT) of 0.5% sales tax on tourism-related goods and services. 68% percent of voters think the tax would be beneficial, while 32% disapproved.

Two other options for road repair funding were voted down by La Crosse County residents.

68% of voters do not want a La Crosse County Vehicle Registration fee, also known as a “Wheel Tax.” The proposed cost of registration for cars and light trucks is $56 per vehicle. 32% of the county voted in favor of the measure.

La Crosse County voters also do not approve of a measure that would increase short-term borrowing by about $5 million. 74% of voters disapprove of the borrowing, while 26% voted in favor.

Referendum results can be found here.

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