La Crosse County warns people to stay home in weekly update

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The Coulee COVID-19 Collaborative Wednesday warned people to stay home except for essential travel due to the growing case rate in the La Crosse community.

The new seven-day average case rate is 35.5 per 100,000 per day, an increase of 25% from last week, according to La Crosse County Health Director Jen Rombalski. It’s the highest it has been in a month.

“This is trending in the wrong direction,” Rombalski said.

The Harvard Global Health Institute Model metrics are all in the red and yellow, levels that should lead to concern and caution according to the model. Rombalski reported that 16.3 percent of tests in the county are positive.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported 69 new positive cases Wednesday in La Crosse County, for a total of 4,256.

“Our public health team is strained and feeling the stress,” Rombalski said.

New cases include:

Eight people aged 10-19;

Seventeen people in their 20s;

Five people in their 30s;

Fifteen people in their 40s;

Fourteen people in their 50s;

Seven people in their 60s;

Three people in their 80s; and,

One person older than 90.

Across Wisconsin, the DHS reported 3,815 cases and 45 deaths since Tuesday.