La Crosse Dive Unit looking for new home

Current storage place being torn down this winter

The La Crosse Dive Unit is celebrating 30 years of service.

And in its birthday month the unit has one wish, a new home.

The volunteer dive and rescue team is currently storing its equipment in the back of the ReStore building in downtown La Crosse, but that space is being torn down this winter.

The team is now asking for the public’s help in finding a place to call their own.

They say if they don’t find a new home soon it will be those needing their help who will suffer the most.

“After the end of the year here we’ll have a couple of boats stored maybe in West Salem another truck maybe at the county building downtown and a another truck possibly at the Shelby area so we’re going to be kind of scattered and that’s not going to work well for a quicker response,” said La Crosse Dive and Rescue Unit Officer Kevin Kappauf.

If you would like to help or donate to the Dive and Rescue Unit visit