La Crosse doctors warn parents to watch out for RSV symptoms as cases rise nationwide

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Health experts say they’re already seeing a spike in RSV cases.

RSV is a common virus that causes cold-like symptoms and causes thousands of kids to be hospitalized every year.

Similar to how COVID or the flu is spread, this virus is spread through the air.

Symptoms can include fever, coughing, and fatigue among others.

Doctors say that there are more worrying symptoms that would prompt an urgent trip to the emergency room.

“If your child is appearing to be breathing fast, making a lot of mucus, having fevers, you’re worried about their hydration status, they’re not really eating and just overall they seem tired, that would be an indication to speak with your physician,” said Gundersen Health System doctor Shaista Shaik.

Doctors say you can reduce risk by washing your hands frequently, disinfecting surfaces, and avoiding smoking.