La Crosse Fire Department getting new, high tech radios

New radios will be able to withstand conditions of a fire rescue

The La Crosse Fire Department is getting some new high tech equipment.

The department is requesting portable radios designed by Motorola.

It’s part of the city’s $7 million agreement with Motorola to update its radio system for all emergency personnel.

The new radios have a number of features specifically designed for the firefighters. It allows them to use the radios much more efficiently in times of emergency compared to radios used by the police department.

“It’s designed to withstand the environments we put our guys in on rescues, whether it’s a structure fire, a building collapse, low visibility environments, so that radio is specially designed for a fire fighter for the time and environment that they’re in,” said La Crosse Fire Department Assistant Chief Warren Thomas.

The department’s new radios will be put to use sometime next year.