La Crosse Fire Department promotes grill safety

Tips as we head into grilling season

We are entering grilling season, and the La Crosse Fire Department wants everyone to remember to stay safe before lighting up.

In the past five years there have been 15 fires in the City of La Crosse from grills. The fire department says its important to stay aware of what you’re doing when your grilling.

Keep the grill away from siding and always be careful when you are grilling on a wood deck.  If you live in an apartment complex with three units or more,  you’re not allowed to grill on your deck or balcony.

The fire department says unattended grills are an accident waiting to happen. “If you’re in an apartment building, you don’t know if the neighbor kids are outside, yeah you may have to run back up and get something but I wouldn’t run back up and leave it unattended for long periods of time, you’re inviting issues I think if you do that,” said Lt. Lance Tryggestad from the La Crosse Fire Department.

Fines for breaking grilling rules in the city start at $88 and go up from there.