La Crosse gets more recognition as bicycle friendly community


LA CROSSE, Wis. — Nearly one thousand people in La Crosse pick biking as their choice of transportation every day.  Tuesday, the city was officially recognized as a ‘Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community’ by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

They look at a number of things including investment into bicycling promotion, education programs, and infrastructure and bicycling policies within the community.

La Crosse met all of those factors and judges were also impressed with the ‘Green Complete’ street ordinance the city adopted last month making the streets and sidewalks more bike-friendly.

The Bicycling Federation recognized another key element La Crosse has that is peddling the city in the right direction community.  “It’s not solely people who enjoy bicycling, it’s business leaders and civic leaders and health care providers and they recognize that there is a greater value to the community in making it easier to bike,” says the Executive Director of the Bicycling Federation of Wisconsin Kevin Hardman.

La Crosse is Wisconsin’s first and only Silver city and doesn’t plan on hitting the breaks yet.  The City is now working on a Bicycling and Pedestrian plan and next year hopes to achieve the gold level standard.