La Crosse hosts annual beer collectibles show

Beer enthusiasts from near and far stopped by an annual collector’s event in La Crosse Saturday.

Breweriana is a buy, sell, and trade show for all things brewery. The event has been put on for the past 20 years. Vendors say you never know what piece of brew history will walk through the door for visitors to check out.

People from eight different states come every year to take part and share their beer memorabilia.

“You’ve got people who are interested in La Crosse items, you’ve got people who are interested in brewery items, you’ve got people who are just interested in history in general,” said Paul Nelson, one of the show’s organizers. “A lot of the [stuff] has a history tied to La Crosse, and there’s always a story behind it, so people find that interesting as well.”

Organizers say La Crosse’s unique brewing history makes it the perfect place to host the event year after year.