La Crosse LGBTQ community holds vigil for Orlando victims

The Orlando shooting massacre happened more than 1400 miles away from La Crosse, but for many, the terror has hit close to home.  

The LGBTQ community held a vigil Thursday night for the victims of the shooting.

They met outside of the center on 6th street in La Crosse.

One of the speakers at the vigil says he feels like the attack has opened a lot of eyes, not just around the country, but here in our own area as well.

“One silver lining around this, for me, is that this is the first time that our community experienced a violent attack and I don’t feel like our community is shouldering this alone,” said the Executive Dir. of the Seven Rivers LGBTQ Connection Jackson Jantzen.

Members from the organization ‘Bikers Against Child Abuse’ were at the event providing security for the group.