La Crosse Loggers play ball with Miracle League

The Loggers may have had Wednesday night off, but that didn’t stop them from taking the field.

They spent part of Wednesday night playing ball with kids in the Miracle League in Onalaska. It’s a group of about 50 kids, many of whom have some sort of disability.

This was the first time this season the teams played together.

A first year Logger player quickly learned it’s more than just another night playing baseball. “These kids just have such a great attitude, even with something, some disabilities that they have to go through, it just gives you different perspective and it’s just awesome getting to play with these kids and they kind of just give you the motivation to do what we do, but even better, to take advantage of every single day,” said Loggers first baseman Michael Katz.

The miracle kids are going to watch their new friends play ball at the Lumberyard on Sunday.