La Crosse Lower Hixon trails to temporarily closing due to weather conditions

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – La Crosse Lower Hixon trails will close temporarily tomorrow due to the seasonal freeze/thaw cycle.

According to the La Crosse Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department, Wood Duck, Vista, Miller, Hickory, Bicentennial, Birch, Oak, Savanna, Log Loop and Aspen trails will close February 28 due to fluctuating weather conditions. The ground freezes during the night and thaws during the days resulting in wet, muddy conditions that are more susceptible to damage. Footprints and ruts left behind contribute to erosion and rough, bumpy trails which are difficult and expensive to repair.

Department officials ask the public to adhere to all trail closure signs that are posted.

Below is a map of all Lower Hixon trails for reference.

Lower Hixon Trail Map