La Crosse man charged in stabbing “acting strange” before attack

More details have been released about the stabbing in La Crescent on Tuesday.

According to the release when officers arrived they found a red Ford Taurus parked in the middle of the road with three of its doors open.

Police found Kasten lying on the ground covered in blood with a knife five feet away from him.

Officers also found Kerrigan behind the car suffering from stab wounds, a bloody three year old baby wrapped in a towel, and a bloody Pitbull walking around the car.

Kerrigan told police that Kasten had stayed with her the night before. Thursday morning Kasten asked Kerrigan to drive him to La Crosse where they stopped at a Kwik Trip.

Kerrigan said that after stopping at Kwik Trip, Kasten started to act strange and hit the center console.

Kerrigan told police she was driving to La Crescent to a friend’s house because his behavior was scaring her.

While driving on Juniper Street in La Crescent, Kerrigan states Kasten began attacking her.

Kerrigan said that Kasten hit her with his hands and fists before he pulled out a black folding knife and stabbed her repeatedly.

Kerrigan was stabbed in several areas of her body and both of her lungs collapsed.

The three year old was stabbed in the leg and neck. The dog was stabbed twice.

Kerrigan and Kasten both remain hospitalized. The three-year-old baby was released from the hospital and is now in the care of relatives.

Kasten has been charged with two counts of Attempted Murder in the First Degree, two Counts of Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, and two Counts of Assault in the first degree, two Counts of Assault in the Second Degree and Mistreatment of an Animal.