La Crosse man heading to Nepal for earthquake relief

Mitch Lown of Global Groundwork to help with search and rescue effort

A local man is getting involved in relief efforts after a deadly earthquake in Nepal.

Mitch Lown of La Crosse is the executive director of a non-profit called Global Groundwork, and is leaving for Nepal on Thursday.

The group typically helps with job training in developing countries, but also provides disaster relief assistance when needed. Global Groundwork was created in 2010 after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

Lown says he will be joining a team already on the ground in Nepal, and will be helping in a variety of ways.

“We will be doing search and rescue in areas that aren’t as easily accessible, and we’ll also help clear an area for a hospital,” said Lown.

If you’re interested in helping the relief efforts or donating to the cause, you can visit their website.