La Crosse Mardi Gras presents $12K check to Aquinas Catholic Schools

The money will be used throughout the school system

Some money is headed to a local school district thanks to our community’s celebration of Mardi Gras.

The La Crosse Mardi Gras board presented a $12,000 check Friday to Aquinas Catholic Schools.

The money will be used throughout the catholic school system for things like renovations, technology upgrades, and student scholarships.

The principal at Cathedral Elementary says the money will go a long way.

“The cost to educate children today in our catholic schools, we need that support from outside. Tuition dollars pay for half of the students’ education and then we do have generous catholic parishes giving money to help support our schools,” said Cathedral Principal Greg Wesley.

Board members have been putting on these Mardi Gras celebrations for more that 20 years and they say this year has been one to remember.