La Crosse Mayor gives update on marsh clean up

LA CROSSE, Wiss (WKBT) — Based on an investigation of the lead build-up in the marsh, Mayor Tim Kabat’s office is proposing a plan to the DNR about how to clean it up. According to Kabat, the plan is to remove the lead and PAH’s highest concentrations, which were along the shoreline. The plan focuses on removing certain areas, rather than removing everything. He says that’s due to high costs and the worry of disturbing wildlife.

“What we’re proposing is an annual maintenance program where we’re going to be removing duckweed, removing that vegetation, on a regular basis. Because those plants absorb the lead and that gets ingested by fish and other wildlife,” said Mayor Tim Kabat.

Kabat says they hope to know if the DNR accepts the plan within one to two months.