La Crosse Mayor visits students getting their first lessons about government

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – First graders are learning about local government with the help of La Crosse’s Mayor Mitch Reynolds.

The mayor met with kids at North Woods International School.

Students are learning what people like the president, the governor, and the mayor do every day.

They came prepared with plenty of questions.

“The kids have been really excited, they have been thinking of really important questions,” said Tara Schuttenhelm, the classroom’s teacher. “Not just questions like ‘what do you do at your job’ but ‘what can kids do to help you with your job.'”

The students asked about how they can help keep the city clean, help people who don’t have a home, and how city parks are built.

The kids will use what they learned to create t-shirts explaining how everyone can help create positive changes in the city.