La Crosse memorials face granite shipping shortages

LA CROSSE (Wisconsin) — Granite shipping delays are affecting the memorial industry. Blocks of granite are taking quite some time to arrive, slowing down the process of honoring a loved one.

La Crosse Memorials is one of the businesses feeling the impact of the shortage. Small memorials that would typically take 6 weeks to ship are now taking upwards of 12 weeks. Larger memorials are expected to arrive in 6 to 8 months.

“I have had a family who was just hoping for putting that peaceful feeling of being able to visit the memorial and it’s just very sad of how long its taken,” said Aaron Miller, a sales and design employee at La Crosse Memorials.

But La Crosse Memorial Service is handling the delays. They’re spending extra time on sketching designs for the memorials. Each memorial design is drafted through a computer process. The designs are then engraved into the blocks of stone once they arrive at the business.

Miller says they’re getting their granite from here in the U-S and overseas. They’re experiencing long delays with both and it’s unknown when shipping times will return to normal.