La Crosse officials prepare for dangerous heat wave

LA CROSSE, Wis.–  The upcoming heat wave headed our way could be the longest our region has seen in about 10 years.  That’s why the La Crosse County Health Department is working with other local agencies to determine whether to open cooling centers.

Health experts say there are lots of places people can go during the day to beat the heat.  It’s between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. they’re worried about.  “Heat and humidity build during the course of the day. If they don’t have air conditioning you’ve got respiratory distress, issues with heat related illness, heart related events, things like that,” says Al Graewin of the La Crosse Co. Health Dept.

La Crosse County health officials plan to meet right away Monday morning to decide if they should open some cooling centers.