La Crosse parking ramps to have 3-hour parking limit

The first three hours are still free to park in downtown La Crosse ramps. After that though, you’re parking at your own risk.

“If you stay longer than three hours, it’s possible you’ll be ticketed,” city of La Crosse Parking Utility Coordinator James Flottmeyer said.

Beginning May 1, the La Crosse Police Department will be patrolling the parking ramps the same way officers patrol parking on the streets in downtown. The department said right now, since parking is free 24/7, people are parking in the ramps 24/7 and taking up valuable parking stalls.

“We’re hearing from the business owners they feel that employees are taking up spots where customers might be able to park,” assistant chief Rob Abraham said.

While this parking time limit is in effect, Flottmeyer said the city will be finding ways to address a few issues with the ramps.

“Hours, there’s some physical changes we can make that will decrease the vandalism, the cost of the vandalism to the city of La Crosse,” he said.

Flottmeyer said vandalism is the biggest issue the city is facing, but believes he and the Police Department will come up with some solutions.

The three-hour time limit will most likely only be in effect until August when Flottmeyer said a new pay structure system will go into effect.

“We’re trying to put all of the pieces to the puzzle together before we commit to that,” Flottmeyer said.

The Police Department won’t be ticketing next week, for the first week there will be warnings given to educate people about the change.