La Crosse Police Department investigating downtown incident

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– The La Crosse Police Department is investigating an incident that happened in the downtown area early Friday morning. According to an initial report of the incident, a fight happened at 115 3rd Street South, near Big Al’s Pizza.

A police officer made contact with a person who may have broken his femur. After investigating and reviewing downtown video camera footage, the victim’s injury was not a result of fighting, according to the police.

Authorities say the alleged victim was outside Bronco’s and causing a disturbance. He then made crude comments about some women. At one point, he was pushed and fell to the ground. The man then got back up and began posturing to fight other people, who were walking away from him.

This continued, but he was held back. The alleged victim broke free and attempted to chase a group of people but was pushed back to the ground. He then stood up and ran back onto the sidewalk where other people were walking away.

“A female had her back to him and ‘twerked’ in front of him. He reacted by running towards her to punch her, but missed and ended up tackling her to the ground, which resulted in him breaking his leg,” according to an initial investigation summary from police.

Officers took several witness statements that matched the video, according to the police department.

The person who broke his leg went into surgery and was not able to be interviewed. The individual also has an extraditable warrant out of Oneida County.

News 8 Now is not naming the person involved because the investigation is still ongoing. Video of the incident has not yet been released by authorities.