La Crosse Police make arrests at community correctional facility

Officers stop three times, make five arrests

La Crosse Police had a busy night visiting a community correctional facility multiple times.

They made three separate stops at the Brunk House on Harvey Street Monday night. The first call was at about 4:30 Monday afternoon to arrest one of the residents on a probation warrant. The second call was made after 8 at night when one of the residents was reported to be unresponsive after smoking ‘K-2,’ a form of synthetic marijuana.

Police were called back to the house at about 10:30 for another resident having a bad reaction to the drug.

Police say they’ll occasionally run into synthetic marijuana on the streets but last night was a rare case.

“We’ll get it here and there, but we don’t deal with and haven’t dealt with problems this severe in nature with the physical reaction to using it,” said La Crosse Police Department Captain Jason Melby.

The two Brunk House residents who had the severe reactions were treated and released before being arrested on probation warrants. A total of five residents were arrested in the three stops.

The Brunk House is a part of ATTIC Correctional Services and is used as an alternative to traditional jail time.