La Crosse police to replace old Emergency Response Vehicle

Police have been using repurposed 1974 ambulance

A replacement for La Crosse Police Department’s aging Emergency Response Vehicle is coming.

The department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been using a repurposed a 1974 ambulance in a number of situations, including search warrants.

Tuesday night the La Crosse Committee of the Whole approved $80,000 for a new one. The Department has a bid from Pischke Motors for the vehicle that would leave some money for necessary upgrades.

To put the need in perspective, police say every time they need to move the old ambulance, it has to be jump started.

“When there is a call we need to rely on our equipment, and right now with the van we have it’s unreliable,” said La Crosse Police Chief Ron Tischer. “When the ERT is call out, they have to know whatever equipment they grab will be ready to go.”

The money for this is part of the city’s latest capital improvement budget It still needs to be approved by the city council.