La Crosse police to reward kids for good safety habits

Officers to give coupons for free DQ Treats

The La Crosse Police Department is teaming up with Dairy Queen to reward good behavior.

As part of the new safety initiative, police officers will hand out coupons for a free DQ Treat (small ice cream cone) to kids they see doing things like wearing a bike helmet, or crossing the street at a crosswalk.

The coupons can be redeemed at the Mormon Coulee Road Dairy Queen.

La Crosse police say the initiative is a great way for officers to reward kids for good behavior and make a personal and positive connection with kids in the community. “Hoping that the kids being rewarded for their safe behavior will continue this as a lifelong safety habit, also it is a great way for officers to have a positive influence and interaction with the kids,” said Officer Lisa Barrix.

The coupons are for kids under 18.

Police hope the positive interaction will lead to a safer La Crosse for not only kids, but for the community as a whole.