La Crosse Public Library to hold photograph contest

Five photographs to be chosen to show La Crosse life in 2014

The La Crosse Public Library is asking you to capture a day in the life of La Crosse.

It’s part of a photo contest the Library is holding in August.

Anyone who’s not a professional and has a camera can submit a photo for a chance to win a handful of prizes.

A panel of judges from the library will select five photographs to be put in a photo book which will be displayed in the main library.

The goal is to give future generations an idea of what life was like on a normal day in 2014.

“One of the frustrating things about the recorded history of the past of our city is that there is not a lot of photographs of everyday life in the city. Lots of pictures of buildings, prominent people, huge events and things like that, but nothing about everyday life in La Crosse,” said Bill Petersen, a La Crosse Public librarian.

Photographs must be taken during the 24-hour period of August 16.

All photographs must be taken within the city limits of La Crosse and entries are limited to one photograph per person.