La Crosse School District budget proposed for the year

Final budget plan will be established in about 6 weeks

The La Crosse School District is proposing about a $90 million budget for the year.

It’s about the same number proposed in last year’s budget.

Even though it’s already three weeks into the school year the final budget for the year won’t be completed for another six weeks.

School officials say a lot of times there are variables not yet established by the time school starts. One of them is school enrollment, something that is not solidified by districts until about the end of this week.

“Until you get to the third Friday count you don’t always which students have officially left the district over the summer because sometimes when those families decide to move they don’t let us know and they’re not required to let us know, but they might move out because of a new opportunity some place,” said La Crosse School Superintendent Randy Nelson.

Another variable the district is still waiting on is federal aid which the district expects to be about a million dollars less than last year.