La Crosse School District reps discuss middle school consolidation with North Side residents

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – A La Crosse School District representative is meeting with North Side community members to discuss potentially consolidating district middle schools.

La Crosse’s Director of Secondary Education led small group discussions Wednesday night with the representatives from the Logan-Northside Neighborhood Association and the Powell, Poage, Hamilton Neighborhood Association to get their opinions and alternative ideas. Consolidation of course was at the forefront of last November’s failed referendum, which asked to consolidate Central and Logan High Schools.

Per the director, to balance the budget, the idea right now is to close Lincoln Middle School since its building is aging and has lower enrollment, but it’s just one of several options to consider.

“The intent tonight is not to convince people of whether we should close a middle school or not,” said Stacy Everson, the Director of Secondary Education. “The intent is to make sure we hear from our families and community members so that in the event we indeed close a middle school, that we’re prepared to better meet the needs of our students, families, and our educators.”

Wednesday’s event was the first of many listening sessions. There’s no date yet for the next one.