La Crosse seventh grade girls attend ‘Confidence Retreat’

Girls learned about body image and the media

Some La Crosse students got a lesson Wednesday in confidence.

Seventh grade girls took part in a “Confidence Retreat” at the Hogan Administrative Building.

The girls spent the afternoon looking at how body image and the media impacts their lives.

With social media being more popular with kids, experts say often times pictures they see can negatively shape their self-esteem.

One of the speakers at the conference says confronting the issue starts with understanding the problem.

“It’s hard to balance self-esteem while you’re also getting social media and you’re comparing yourself to a social media post, or you’re looking at the cover of a magazine, it’s so much coming at you all the time that you have to start the conversation,” said Cammy Nelson.

Seventh grade boys had a retreat of their own. ‘Keeping a positive attitude’ was the focus of their retreat.