La Crosse Skyrockers educate about fireworks safety

It got pretty loud Saturday afternoon at Myrick Park.

Members of the La Crosse Skyrockers held an open house to show off their fireworks and educate about fireworks safety.

With News Years Eve approaching, some people will ring in the new year with fireworks and the Skyrockers want people to know how to stay safe while still having fun.

The Skyrockers say it’s important for people to be educated while using fireworks.

“Fireworks are a lot of fun and everybody really enjoys them and usually when there’s fireworks, there’s people having fun. But there is a dark side to them if they’re handled incorrectly or inappropriately, they can be very dangerous. It’s good to teach the kids what can happen,” said Marty Schmal, director of the Skyrockers.

The Skyrockers have been lighting up the sky over La Crosse on the 4th of July and News Year’s Eve since 1929.