La Crosse Soup-toberfest raises money for Hmong cultural dance after-school activity

Another round of community-backed ideas is voted on as part of the La Crosse Soup program.

The Hmong Youth Dance Troupes will get more than $2,200 as a part of this evening’s Soup-toberfest. The group will create an after-school program centered around Hmong traditional dances to build self-esteem and cultural identity.

Community members who stopped by the Wednesday evening’s Soup event at the Oktoberfest grounds voted for the group’s idea.

“People connect with this type of idea. They want to be a part of something, they want to be more than just entertained, so they want to feel a connection to these ideas. And then we really hope after all of this is done that people continue to support the ideas that come through tonight,” said La Crosse Soup Executive Director Josh Court.

For $5, community members can take part in each La Crosse Soup event. Participants get a bowl of Soup and one vote. The community idea that receives the most votes gets the money raised at the event.