‘La Crosse Thinkers’ podcast grows in popularity

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A professor’s passion to teach is getting a lot of attention.

Song Chen is an associate professor of mathematics at UW-La Crosse.

He’s also the host of a podcast growing in popularity.

The La Crosse Thinkers Podcast interviews local experts on their specialties.

Topics range from science, the arts, gender & culture, and sports.

The idea came from Chen’s students who love his lectures.

They told him he should consider starting a podcast, so he made it a reality.

But he faced one challenge at the beginning.

“I decided, if they have this idea, and they like it, and I’m not against it, I’ll do it. But then I’ll run out of topics after three shows because I only know so much,” said Chen.

That’s when he started inviting guests to the show.

The audience was mostly students at first.

Now it has international listeners, including people from Canada, England, and Jamaica.

So far, he’s reached over 1,500 people through the podcast.

You can find the podcast by searching La Crosse Thinkers on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes.

Or visit his website.

If you have any recommendations for the show, email him at schen@uwlax.edu.