La Crosse Village Festival Foods takes on the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

Challenge has raised more than $15 million

You’ve probably seen people on your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed dumping buckets of ice water on their heads.

It’s for a good cause and Monday a local business accepted the challenge.

Employees at the Village Festival Foods in La Crosse took the Ice Bucket Challenge Monday.

It’s an online campaign for ALS that’s gone viral. ALS is a degenrative disease making it difficult to move muscles.

After you dump the bucket of ice water on your head you challenge others to do the same. Those people then have 24 hours to dump the ice water on their head or donate to the ALS Association or both.

It’s a disease we don’t hear much about but it hits home to some in our community.

“My uncle actually has ALS, he was diagnosed, I believe last year with it. So it’s kind of hitting home to me, so I thought I would support him with all that he’s going through,” said Festival Foods Front End Manager Paul Klinkhammer.

So far more than $15 million have been pledged to the charity.