La Crosse Waking Up White Collaborative member urges school board not to ‘whitewash American history’

Ron Malzer

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Retired La Crosse psychologist Ron Malzer encouraged the La Crosse School Board Monday night to ensure that “We in La Crosse will not whitewash American history.”

Ron Malzer


Malzer was addressing the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which goes by the acronym ALEC, in stifling education about racism and sexism in schools and other venues.

Malzer, a steering committee member of the La Crosse Waking Up White Collaborative, likened such efforts to blatant attacks on educational institutions.

“Groups use ALEC playbook” to press legislatures to block education on 89 concepts, said Malzer, who listed anti-racism, cultural awareness, equity, restorative justice and social bias as some of the more startling examples.

ALEC has been particularly active since the New York Times published The 1619 Project, a chronicle of the history of slavery that has been criticized heavily from politics and groups on the right.

Malzer addressed the board at his own request, and board members did not ask questions. His address came after the board had heard an update on mental health efforts in the district.

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