La Crosse Warming Center opens for the winter

Center opens despite unusually warm temperatures

The La Crosse warming center opened Tuesday despite the unusually warm temperatures.

Catholic Charities of La Crosse, the group that hosts the warming center, says even with these high temps there are still cold nights.

Warming center officials are also hoping the community can help their guests with donated goods. While many people think of donating hats and coats during the winter, organizers are hoping for some things you may not think of.

“There’s other stuff that maybe we take for granted, like ear plugs, deodorant, razors, clean socks, clean underwear even, that is all stuff that maybe flies under people’s radar that is a real need for our guests that stay here,” said La Crosse Warming Center Coordinator Mark Schimpf.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can find out more at

Guests hoping to spend the night at the warming center can check in any night from seven to 8:30 p.m. The center is open through April 15.