La Crosse Water Utility to flush water system

The La Crosse Water Utility will begin flushing the water system June 3.

The flushing will be conducted during the overnight hours, Sunday, June 3, through Thursday, June 7, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., according to the Utilities Manager, Bernard Lenz.

According to Lenz, customers may experience a decrease in pressure and short-term discoloration in the water.

Water utility crews will begin with watermains and fire hydrants in the general area from 7th & King Sts. north to the La Crosse River marsh and east to the bluffs. Once that area is completed, flushing will continue in the general area from 6th & Cass Sts., working north and west to the river. Following completion of these areas, flushing will continue to the south and east until all hydrants in south La Crosse have been flushed.