La Crosse, Wisconsin tourism leaders optimism for uptick in travelers

Visits of two nights or more are up over 2020, 2019

WISCONSIN (WKBT) – Wisconsin Tourism leaders have their eyes on the road ahead for a possible record-breaking year.

They’re expecting a big uptick in tourism in the state and they’re already seeing evidence of it.

Visits of two nights or more are up over 2020 which is to be expected with the pandemic.

But they’re also up over 2019 which was a record-setting year for tourism in the state.

Wisconsin’s acting tourism secretary says it’s not just travelers from out-of-state that help drive the industry.

“We’re encouraging travelers to start booking those trips and thinking about how they can support Wisconsin’s hospitality industry as they do that. Check out a new restaurant, check out a bar or tavern or coffee shop, explore some new lodging options, head to an urban area, a downtown and get into a new attraction,” said Wisconsin’ acting tourism secretary Anne Sayers.

La Crosse County saw more than $280 million in director visitor spending in 2019.

But that dropped to $196 million in 2020.

Tourism leaders hope to see it rebound to pre-pandemic levels.