La Crosse YMCA hosts 14th annual Frosbite Invite

The La Crosse YMCA hosted its 14th annual Frostbite Invite this weekend.

The meet consists of several different teams from across the state and is one of the biggest events of the year with over 360 swimmers competing from ages five to 18.

Swim coaches say they tried a different format at this year’s competition, which lead to a bigger turnout of swimmers..

“It’s a way for our kids to compete locally this year, the wave kids we have 151 swimmers which is more than what we did last year by about 30 swimmers,” said Jeanine Serrano, WAVE swim coach.

The Meet started Friday and ended Sunday.

YMCA in Winona participated in the meet as well, along with swimmers from Eau Claire, Chippawa, Stevenspoint and Marshfeild.