La Crosse’s Bliss Road currently in good shape

Could change quickly though

A La Crosse roadway that has proven troublesome in the past is currently in good shape.

Recent data collected by the city shows road supports along Bliss Road are holding and in good condition. Walls built along the road in the last decade are also still in good shape.

However, city engineers say conditions can change quickly.

“As of now, we’re not in danger of losing Bliss Road, but we are on the side of a bluff and Mother Nature can take over at any time. There’s geological processes, there’s surface processes going on. We get a big rain event, I’m out here taking a look at things,” said City of La Crosse Project Engineer Brad Wilder.

City engineers also say they are working with the Parks and Recreation department and county officials to determine how to best address future erosion along Bliss Road and the bluffs.